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ATEGIX is a nationally recognized law firm focused on judicial and extrajudicial debt collection. For years, our collections solutions have made our clients' operations more efficient in recovering owed credits.

Proven debt recovery services designed for your business.

Collecting outstanding invoices from people important to your business is never easy. The ideal program will benefit you by ensuring you receive the capital you are owed, while at the same time helping your clients with a simple user experience. Partnering with Ategix simplifies the process in two ways:

Personalized Services

Choose from different options based on your unique business needs.

An ethical and consumer-friendly approach

A debt collection that prioritizes maintaining valued relationships. Just because your clients owe you money doesn't mean you don't care about preserving your relationship; We understand that, and that's why we developed an approach that puts people first.


What makes us unique

We provide a pleasant and simple experience while providing valuable information to our consumers.


Global Debt Recovery Services
Agency 100% based in the Dominican Republic with a national license with an average client tenure of 10 years.


More than 10 years of experience
Proven collection strategies forged by our trained and enthusiastic professionals.


Consumer-friendly approach
Focused on maintaining their alliances through ethical methods that work.


Consumer-friendly approach
Focused on maintaining their alliances through ethical methods that work.

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Industries we serve

A collection agency for financial institutions in general
Your financial institution is in the business of lending money and, regardless of the state of the economy, there will be delays in loans extended to customers. Whether they are products such as loans, credit cards, lines of credit, among others, there will always be a need for portfolio recovery services.

To improve your financial results and more efficiently close each quarter, you may require the services of a company specialized in recovery of overdue accounts.

ATEGIX has years of experience in judicial and extrajudicial debt collection in general. We know that, in addition to achieving an effective recovery, you also want your debtor clients to maintain confidence in your institution despite maintaining arrears, therefore, your credit accounts will be in good hands, since our job is to collect the overdue amounts. to meet your specific needs through friendly collection practices, advanced technology for both debtors and customers, and the sense of security and compliance your business needs.
A debt collection agency that includes Savings and Credit Associations:
The Associations have a special peculiarity when dealing with debt recovery issues and that is that the debtor on this occasion is not only a debtor of the Association, but is also an Associate of the institution, for this reason our recovery services of debt include special treatment for their associates, so that they, through negotiation tools, can heal their credit situation and return to the institution as a renewed client.
Banks in the Dominican Republic
ATEGIX stands out in the market for leading the recovery service for overdue loans for multiple banks in the country. With a team highly trained in the legal and financial complexities of the sector, we are committed to providing effective and ethical solutions to recover our clients' financial credits. Our legal and financial team has years of experience in the financial area, which allows us to work hand in hand with our banking clients to achieve a collection strategy that is not merely legal, but also financial, so that the assigned portfolio is not seen deteriorated in the established time, clients manage to improve their risk classification in the bank and can regain loyalty within the institution.
Ethics and professionalism in all areas:
ATEGIX is a leading firm in the field of legal collections in the Dominican Republic, specialized in offering debt recovery services for credit corporations in the country. With a team of legally competent experts knowledgeable about the local financial environment, we are committed to providing efficient and ethical solutions for your clients' debt management.

Our strategic and client-oriented approach allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each credit corporation, offering a personalized collection process that guarantees the protection of the financial interests of both parties involved.
Credits in the Dominican Republic:
In addition to our focus on debt recovery for Banks, Associations, Credit Corporations, among others, ATEGIX is also distinguished by its comprehensive approach to overdue account recovery services, whether the credit institution sells at 30, 60, 90 days or offer lines of credit, our goal will always be customer satisfaction and transparency in all our operations.

The firm is committed to maintaining open and clear communication with its clients, providing regular updates on the progress of cases and offering expert advice at all times. With a solid reputation backed by proven results and strong professional ethics, ATEGIX positions itself as a reliable and effective partner for credit corporations seeking to optimize the management of their debt portfolios.
Company to sell, Ategix to recover:
We provide collection services to our business clients, we focus on the ethical and effective collection of their overdue invoices. Our motto in this area is that business owners should focus on their sales, Ategix takes care of the recovery of their overdue invoices.
Our medical professionals and business owners also have past due accounts:
We provide collection services to our clients in the professional medical area. Do you sell medical equipment on credit and have overdue invoices? We are here to help you recover your outstanding credits.
Your Personal School Debt Collection Agency
Working in the field of education and care of children and adolescents is a task that consumes time and effort; it requires creativity, focus, patience and, above all, time. This time is what ATEGIX will invest in debt recovery. When families have overdue accounts and/or invoices at your school or daycare, the last thing you have free time for is to collect what they owe you and create a collections department alone. For that, place this responsibility in ATEGIX.
Debt collection for your moving and storage company
Debt collection for moving companies, package storage and care of personal clothing is an arduously laborious task, many insurance, personnel and logistics expenses are incurred that does not allow you to implement internal collection services for those future pending debts. Place your trust in ATEGIX to collect your overdue invoices, and keep your focus on the logistics of your company.
Overdue rents?
The delinquent tenant is a regret that landlords sometimes have to experience. Whether you manage a private property for residential use, a commercial premises, or a vacation apartment, it will always be a shame to collect overdue rents. At ATEGIX we have the tools to achieve effective collection of your unpaid rents.

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Ategix is a nationally recognized debt collecting agency. For 10 years, our debt collection solutions have helped dozens of clients recapture the revenue they’re owed.

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