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ATEGIX is a collection company specialized in judicial and extrajudicial collections for various industries in the Dominican Republic. We work with financial institutions, multiple banks, medical and dental entities, private companies, security companies, among others.

Our specialty is in the effective solution in the recovery of values, we are characterized because we do not mistreat clients and we abide by the rules established for compulsive collection, being one of the offices with the least notifications from INDOTEL.

Our greatest strength is that we comply with collection regulations, but at the same time we achieve the effectiveness desired by the entities that hire us.



Characterize ourselves as providers of legal and business consulting services endowed with excellence and a high level of quality, basing our practice on the principles and values ​​that arise from personal and professional ethics.



Maintain the quality and efficiency standards that make our services unique in the country, as well as generate trust for our clients. At the same time, work day by day to expand our area of ​​operation in order to reach all those who require a high quality service at a conscious cost.



Commitment, efficiency and loyalty to our clients are an essential part of our philosophy. Provide the best service and offer business consulting to companies so that they acquire the tools for growth and strengthening.

What makes us different?

We have an efficient structure in accordance with global standards.

With competitive rates and excellence in services; We have made large investments in the technological part and preparation of our staff with the aim of offering our clients the possibility of doing business supported by the legal support of a team committed to the best professional practices in all areas of our services. Our team of consultants relies on the best mechanisms to materialize your requirements.

Not sure where to start for your business?

Ategix is a nationally recognized debt collecting agency. For 10 years, our debt collection solutions have helped dozens of clients recapture the revenue they’re owed.

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